Monday, 12 September 2011

Skeletons in the closet part 2


So if you don't know about Zara Mirkin then firstly you suck and secondly let us introduce you. Zara works for NO magazine, has recently moved to New York and slays at being the baddest bestest stylist out there. Her shit is gonna wanna make you claw your eyeballs out with jealously, unfortunately her steez isn't for sale. ZARA WE LOVE YOU.


  1. And she likes Electric Wizard fucking awesome !! It's rare to see real rock n roll person in fashion,I mean too many person pretend to be rock n roll only cause they wear a band t shirt (and probably don't even know the band and their music ah ah) that's make me sick, anyway she seems to be cool.

    by the way nice blog girlz , keep on rockin'

    kisses from France

  2. i might as well set fire to all my shit.
    because that was incredible.

  3. Fucking awesome. Nice Electric Wizard poster ;)

  4. thank god bigger pics!!!! keep them big,

  5. dear god those shoes! I will now spend the rest of my life trying to hunt them down.

  6. If you think her shit is good, you should have met her Ex.